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Well, we made it a full three years. I’m writing this post while absolutely beaming with pride. We went from a colicky newborn who had a difficult time soothing himself to an independent, thoughtful, and smart three year old. For all you new parents out there: there is a light at the end of the tunnel, although it’s difficult to see when you’re so sleep deprived that you can’t remember your birthday (true story). We’re right there with you with Asher right now. But, I wanted to take a break from baby duty to show you what happens when you hang in there for three years or so. We’ve got an excellent sleeper and eater on our hands (partial luck, partial persistence) and so much more to be thankful for every day. Sure there are tantrums and days when all he eats are crackers and cantaloupe (and we’re lucky he always picks a fruit), but those days are minimal and much more manageable at 3 than they were at 2 for us. Things still get messy and chaotic and STUBBORN, but our house is filled with laughter and fun and silliness at the same time. Rather than me telling you about him, I asked him a few questions so he can tell you what 3 is like:

How old are you?

“Threeee” <grins ear to ear>

Favorite color?


Favorite animal?


Favorite food?

“Banana bread” (Editor’s note: probably because that’s breakfast this week and we just talked about it)

Favorite person?

“Bobo” (his monkey lovey). Daddy is usually ranked right below Bobo, for the record. Everyone else comes after.

Favorite song?

“INK!” (by Coldplay, from the Ghost Stories album – heavily influenced by mommy)

What are you scared of?


Favorite superhero?

“Spiderman”. Don’t tell me you didn’t see that one coming. He’s smart, but still 3, after all 😉

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“A monster” (probably heavily influenced by Halloween coming up)

What’s the best thing you’ve done today?

“Create pumpkin art, work, see baby Asher”


Dils, if you’re reading this later, two things: 1) I’ll be reminding you of how much you loved your baby brother when you guys fight in the future, and 2) you are the best 3 year old EVER. We love you, pickle.





Mommy’s Must-Haves #3

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  1. What a cutie, happy birthday to him!

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