Some of you may know that Anil makes the most AMAZING omelets. I really can’t make them better myself. We love having omelets for breakfast or brunch because they’re light, healthy, and nice and filling. About two weeks ago, we had some baby bok choy leftover in the fridge so we simply sautéed it with a teaspoon of toasted sesame oil and just a tiny splash of soy sauce. After sautéing it, Anil added it to the omelet with some low-fat shredded Mexican blend cheese. Guys, it was to die for. We made them again for brunch today.  It’s fabulous Sunday brunch food and I can’t wait to eat these again. Here are some tips on how to pull this off:

  • Mix all your ingredients in a separate bowl first. Anil combines eggs, a generous splash of milk (any kind will do, as long as it’s not too sweet), salt and pepper, and some red chili powder for heat.
  • Cook the omelet on medium heat and brush the pan with olive oil first. Don’t use too much oil, just some oil applied with a brush works best.
  • Carefully turn the omelet and add your veggies / meats / cheese to the middle of the omelet. You’ll only need about two more minutes before you can fold all sides to the middle and serve it warm. Mmmm enjoy!

baby bok choy omelets