I’m back after a few weeks of….2 year old sleep regression. We hit it not too long ago and it totally derailed my plan of reconnecting with my first love: books. As an introvert, reading books is probably my favorite hobby, but if no one’s getting sleep, it’s also the first one to go.  I had ALL THE PLANS to pick reading back up and then BAM…we ran into a rough patch with sleep and schedules (and those of you who know me, know that I’m all about keeping everyone on schedule for the sake of happiness and sanity. Sleep = sanity in my book (no pun intended). By the way, if you’ve got a newborn and aren’t sure what sleep regression is, I’ve got one for you right here: http://bytesoflove.com/all-about-sleep/.

The good news is that since our travel died down for a few weeks, I’ve been prioritizing rest and exercise. Sounds so simple, but we’ve been pretty horrible at it up until now. When everyone is rested and Anil and I get a good workout in, everything just magically falls into place somehow. It also helps me if he’s home to help out. I’m obviously a total believer in fairly equal household responsibilities (except killing spiders, which is and always will be 100% male work). It’s never a perfect 50-50, which I also don’t believe in since we both like to take care of what we’re best at. With travel and CEO life, things do get skewed easily. That’s just the nature of the startup beast and my up-and-down workload. Now that we’re past the rough sleep deprivation patch (right, sleep fairies??) and we’re getting things back on track, I’m diving back into books.

I would be lying if I told you I finished all of these, so know that a few of these titles are work in progress. As I’ve told you before, I don’t usually read fiction except for Potter, which you muggles probably don’t get. I know that sounds so boring, but I promise you won’t be disappointed in these books:

Super Freakonomics – For those of you who always question everything and really love digging into the details of issues. I absolutely love this book because it really gets you thinking about everyday activities and assumptions. If you haven’t checked out Freakonomics yet, that’s definitely worth your time as well. Get the audio book if you’re spending more time in the car than at home.

Healthy Child, Healthy World – For anyone who wants to improve their health, regardless of whether or not you have kids. This book digs into the details of why so many products are bad for kids and adults. I started reading this back in 2012, right before Dilan was born. It changed our lives. I’d love to tell you we’re total hippie tree huggers, but we have way more plastic toys in our house than I’d like to admit. Five years ago, I did make an effort to make sure we eliminated all chemical cleaners in our house. We use mostly eco-friendly diapers, natural cosmetics, and hand soaps. Not quite there yet, but progress.

No Drama Discipline – For anyone who needs some help with laying down the law. I’m not one to read parenting books at all because I prefer to use my intuition when it comes to raising kids. I’ve been working on the audio book version of this because well, we have ourselves a two year old. Both our kids are extremely strong willed and although that definitely has its positives, it makes parenting so much more complex. This book dives into some concrete discipline techniques and explains the science of what goes on in kids’ brains. It’s fascinating.

The Pie Life – For all you working mamas. This is my current read and as soon as I finish this post, I’ll be reading it on my plane ride back home. I love some solid tips on how to rock both work and home life, without feeling like I’m compromising. So far, so good.

Real Moms, Real Hacks – For all you smart and crafty parents out there. This book is probably the easiest one to finish. It’s a short compilation of parenting hacks. Some just ok, many great. Worth picking up if you have or planning to have little ones. It’s a great and inexpensive gift as well.

What books are currently on your night stand?