Gluten free breakfast breads have been a huge hit in our house over the last few months. I like that these loafs are all super easy to whip up and incredibly delicious to eat. I usually take a slice or two into the office and eat breakfast in complete peace there (sans baby) :-). My preferred brand of flour is Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour. It has worked for me every time. I order it in bulk on Amazon now, that’s how much we use it. After trying a dozen or so recipes, here are our 3 best gluten free breakfast breads:

  • Gluten free banana bread. I substitute the sugar for just under a cup of honey. Works great. You can also add more applesauce instead of oil and make this even healthier. Chocolate chips are usually added per the hubs’ request.
  • Gluten free chocolate zucchini bread. To make this gluten-free, simply substitute the flour for gluten free flour. If you want an even healthier version of this, substitute the oil with apple sauce and the sugar with a cup of honey (just one, not two).
  • Gluten free sweet potato bread. Anil liked this a lot. I made two loafs and he never got tired of eating it for breakfast. The only thing you might want to substitute here is the butter. Add some applesauce instead. However, not a ton of butter is used in this recipe, so you decide if it’s worth it!

Needless to say, we’re really not missing our regular flour. The main benefit to me is that going gluten free makes these loafs much lighter and makes them healthier overall. You can’t lose. Let me know what your favorites are! I’m signing off and heading over to Pinterest for more gluten free ideas. Check out my gluten free goodies board over there!