Since many of the dishes I cook are Indian, you’ll often see “ginger-garlic paste” listed as one of the ingredients in many of my dishes. Although you could certainly find ginger-garlic paste at any Indian grocery store, I find that it just can’t beat the taste of freshly chopped ginger-garlic. In order to make this, simply peel a bunch of garlic cloves along with a roughly equal amount of ginger and finely chop these together in a food chopper. Then, if you need to make this into a paste, simply run the side of your knife through the chopped ginger-garlic a few times to make this pasty. Feel free to substitute chopped ginger-garlic for ginger-garlic paste in my recipes. The chopped ginger-garlic stays fresh for at least two weeks in an airtight container in the fridge. It takes a bit of work, but pays off big time in terms of flavor and aroma!