“Daddy……is mommy….MOMMY!!!”. If I remember nothing else, I know I’ll remember Asher’s excitement to see me, his face in the dark, and the warmth of his tiny body for the rest of my life. I had just come home from the airport and although Anil had already put him to bed, I couldn’t help myself and walked in to his room to give him a hug. Those of you who have toddlers who stall at bedtime know what a dangerous move this is. It took another 40 mins to get him to go back to bed, but it was worth every. single. minute.

There’s something very different about the second child experience to me. Even though Asher was a pretty different baby compared to Dilan, at 2.5, he’s SO much like him. The resemblance caused me to have a slight feeling of panic, because this time around, we know what’s coming next. We’re running out of days when he’s just the perfect size for hugs while rocking on the rocking chair in his room. We’re running out of days when he mispronounces words (like “cimmanon” and “Lightning Keen”). We’re running out of days for when Asher pretends he’s an airplane while we “fly” him up the stairs and he makes airplane noises. We’re running out of days to be amazed by both of our boys’ ridiculously long eye lashes, perfect eyes, and sweet smiles. I know that all sounds so cheesy, but it sparked a good thing: I’ve been laser focused on what’s important and dropped just about everything else lately.

I haven’t blogged at all (too lazy) and haven’t watched a tv show in weeks (I did watch Beauty & the Beast a few weekends ago, full disclosure…it wasn’t my cup of tea). This totally isn’t part of sacrificing my entire life for the sake of my kids’ happiness…no. It’s just me getting very organized and efficient to run things smoothly at home and it includes more exercise and rest whenever I can manage to get in more as well. Some people watch tv, others do yoga. You gotta do whatever happily floats your boat. For me, it’s staying organized and taking good care of myself. After all, you need to fill yourself up if you want to pour more out.

This month, Anil and I have been on no less than 20 combined flights. That may not sound like much for you road warriors, but to me, it’s not a simple gig with two very energetic little ones at home. We’ve got meal planning, change of season clothes, birthday parties, school events, pumpkins, Halloween outfits, hurricane help, and a long list of everything else to manage…and our kids aren’t even in grade school yet. I hear it gets much, much busier. All the to-dos and extra travel taught me to slow down and drop what’s truly unnecessary: excessive social media and screen time, worrying about nonsense, buying things in stores when you can find them online. It’s ok to give yourself a break. It’s ok to pick up Chipotle for dinner (I heard they have queso these days?!). If that’s what simplifies your life, that’s what you need to do. Take the help. That’s been my big lesson lately.

It may sound like we’re trying to perfect parenting, but it’s just all about prioritizing what matters. Anil always tells his new employees that what you’re signing up for / are doing right now needs to be the very best thing you could be doing for yourself at this moment. That really stuck with me. You can’t be in a job or situation that you don’t like. It’s just not worth it. I’m incredibly proud of what we both do for a living and wouldn’t want to change it for anything right now. I love science and data visualization, and especially the people I work with.  I don’t want to be the perfect parent role model for our kids. I want to be the mom who truly has a passion for everything she does…even if she doesn’t always do it right. So lately, I’ve been trying my hardest to drop the unimportant stuff and spend some more time with the kids to help them grown into KIND human beings who aren’t ruining the planet in a way that many are right now. That’s probably the least we could do, right?

So for all my dear readers (both of you who are still left!), stay tuned. I have a great post on take 2 of life hacks with little kids coming that I hope you’ll truly enjoy and find helpful. I’ll be back at some point!

PS – Post written at 34,000 feet, which is the place to write posts these days. I’m sleeping early tonight, not doing any meal prep, and we’re picking up Chipotle for dinner tomorrow – queso TBD. I keep hearing it’s bad….shhhhh.

Lucky for me, I get to come home to this: