Stove-popped Popcorn

This week’s health nut food is one of my absolute favorites because popcorn is a great source of whole grain, yet it always feel like you’re indulging and eating something “naughty”, doesn’t it? Well, depending on your source of popcorn and how you pop it, you actually might be taking in some terrible chemicals. It’s pretty widely known that microwave popcorn could contain carcinogens. A quick Google search and you’ll find many articles and research supporting this. So, this month, we decided to go au naturel. Here’s what we found:

What I love: Stove popped popcorn actually tastes much better and it’s way cheaper than those microwave popcorn bags! I also love that you can “customize” your popcorn, by picking what kind of oil you want to use and what flavors you dust your popcorn with. Having complete control about the amount of salt isn’t all that bad either.

What I don’t like: Let’s face it, microwaves are convenient and quick. No need to wash pots or clean up, since all the mess is contained in the bag. In today’s busy world, this is a definitely plus, but only if you’re not considering your health…

The verdict: I will likely never eat microwave popcorn again and probably won’t ever feed it to my children either. It’s a bit more work, but it’s just way healthier to pop your own and have complete control over the ingredients (minus the kernels). Definitely try popping your own at some point and I bet you won’t ever go back either.