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Health Nut Food Fave of the Month – December


Lärabars are delicious fruit and nut bars that make for an excellent snack or breakfast. If you’ve never had them before, here’s why they’re worth a try:

What I love: These bars don’t have more than nine ingredients, which usually include a type of fruit such as dates or apples, nuts, and spices. They truly are all natural and have no added sugars, high fructose corn syrup, or anything artificial. They are pretty filling and with amazing flavors such as cashew cookie and peanut butter chocolate chip, they are extremely tasty as well. They’re also great for people with food allergies and definitely provide sustainable energy throughout the day.

What I don’t like: Lärabars can get pretty pricey since they’re well over a dollar at most stores. I found the lowest prices for them at Trader Joe’s and Target. Some of the bars can be pretty high in fats as well, although the type of fat is generally the good kind since many of the bars contain nuts.

The verdict: Considering how many junk products are on the market today, I absolutely love the Lärabar and think it’s well worth the price. It’s an excellent healthy snack for those times when you don’t have access to fresh fruit or veggies. It’s also great for a quick breakfast on those days when you just need to run out and don’t have time to put something nutritious together. I would love to hear what your favorite flavors are (mine include peanut butter chocolate chip and chocolate chip brownie), so let me know when you try these out!


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  1. vamini

    I love these! Love the blog too Varsh…I read it whenever I can but these two are my fave flavors….Found them at Publix for $1 each:)

    • Varsha

      Thanks so much, Vam! Good to know that Publix has them too :-) Still have to try a lemon pound cake or some lemon mousse or something. Will save that for a lazy weekend 😉

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