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Life Hacks – Pregnancy to Preschooler

When Dilan was born, Anil and I didn’t ask for much help. We worked through most of the infant days ourselves. In hindsight, that wasn’t the worst thing. We quickly learned that we just didn’t have the time to do everything that we needed to get done. Enter life hacks. With Anil’s startup, my career, and two kids who are two years apart, finding some ways to make life easier, more fun, and more efficient was / is a must. Here are some of our favorite hacks that were born around the same time our babies were:

1. Chux. You can find these gems on Amazon. If you’ve been through labor at a hospital, you’ve most likely seen these. Though they aren’t environmentally friendly at all, they are amazing for when you’re on-the-go with an infant. We often used them instead of diaper changes pads, especially at airports. Why? Do you really want to clean up a reusable diaper pad after a diaper blowout on the road? Nope. You only really needs these in the beginning, not forever. We like the Northshore 17×24 ones. I still have one in my car.

2. Candy. If you’re in labor, I think candy of any kind (but especially chocolate – duh) is a nice touch for the labor nurses or midwifes who spend most of the time with you. It’s not an easy job and they log some long hours. Of course, I bought candy for the nurses both times I was in labor and forgot to take it with me to the hospital….twice. I blame pregnancy brain. I did send my main nurse an Amazon gift card and a pic of Asher a few weeks after he was born…even though I’m still mad at her for not giving me my nap and making me push instead <insert eye rolling emoticon>

3. Thank You cards & blank post cards. Two things I always stock up on when I visit Target are thank you cards and blank post cards. You’ll write a ton of thank you notes after your baby shower, after the baby is born, after the first birthday, and so on. Having these available saved a ton of time. I use the blank ones all the time for when I don’t have birthday or sympathy cards at home and don’t have time for a Target run.

4. Baskets. The other item I love shopping for are baskets. I don’t even know how many we have in our house, but they’re currently all being used. Our weekday morning routines used to be pretty hectic, until we started thinking about why exactly that was. We wake up before the kids do, but somehow still had a hard time getting out of the door. Since we don’t wear shoes or socks at home, it dawned on me that I was running back upstairs to grab socks every single morning. So, we found a better spot for them on our cabinet next to the back door and our breakfast nook. I filled up one basket with bibs for Asher (to use during breakfast) and another one with socks for both boys. So much easier and they don’t look too bad, right?



5. The laundry game. Here’s our solution to the never-ending pile of laundry : the laundry game. The laundry game consists of us taking all the clean laundry that needs to be folded, dumping it on the kids (which they think is AWESOME), and then slowly starting the sorting and folding process. We usually have fun music blaring and everyone just has a blast (as much of a blast as you can have folding laundry). It’s the best way to do Anil’s and my laundry on the weekends. I wash a load of kids’ laundry every single day and fold those separately. I hang shirts and throw shorts and pants in large baskets. Works like a charm.

Alright, your turn! What life hacks do you use on a daily basis? I’m all ears :-)


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  1. Bev Brown

    Takeout from Building C cafeteria for supper. SAS feeds my family in more ways than a paycheck!

    • Varsha

      Genius! Salad bars are great for stir frys too…or for sneaking veggies into quesadillas :-)

  2. Sadfeen N. Sadiq

    These are great! Thanks for sharing.

    I found that separating PJ’s and socks from day clothes saved us so much time at bed time and waking up routines. I would pile everything in a few drawers and then scramble through it messing the neat rows I had made for quick access; it’s much nicer and quick to dedicate one dresser drawer for one purpose.

    I need to make a sock basket for myself by the entrance; countless times I’ve forgotten my socks :)

    A programmable coffee maker that is set up the night before with carafe temp to highest and coffee ready hour before leaving home – love it whenever I can manage to do this.

    Got a few extra vitamins to take; I learned this from my elder sister, just make a zip lock bag of all your daily vitamins with a generous supply and drop it in your purse so you can take them during the day after a meal.

    Amazon Diaper, baby wash, lotion subscription works so well for us, no need to carry boxes in from grocery stores.

    Costco wipes are awesome and so is the organic milk for my toddler.

    That’s all the comes to mind right now.

    Being a Mom, working, nursing, pumping and running a home is no light task yet we do it day in and day out with smiling faces and lots of support from hubby and family.
    Go Moms, Dads & teamwork.

    One thing I can’t get my head around is groceries- I’m always out and can’t find the time to go. Any ideas?

    • Varsha

      You are my hero! We don’t have the programmable coffee maker – yet! And I love the idea of separating pjs and socks. Costco and Amazon save my life too. On groceries, we do Express Lane at Harris Teeter here: you pay $100 for an entire year of unlimited pick ups. You order all your groceries through their app and just pick it up. They do home delivery as well, but it’s easy enough to just stay in your car and have them load your groceries in the trunk when you pick them up. You should look into this in your area – saved us literally hundreds of ours. I haven’t checked out other grocery delivery services yet, but they might be worth the price for crazy weeks. Thanks for sharing your tips! I’m going to use some of them for my part II of this post – that ok? :-)

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