I can’t believe we’re at the very end of 2014. The first half started out nice and organized. We got Dilan into a fantastic waking-eating-daycare-bedtime schedule that worked like a charm. Lots of work travel for daddy especially, but we worked it all out. Our routines and schedules were just perfect. The BEST part for me was that I finally started waking up a bit earlier a few times a week (5 AM) and running outside. Nothing beats fresh air and being active so early in the morning. I absolutely loved it and can honestly say I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Fast forward to August and I had to give it all up.

At 8 weeks into my pregnancy, I started cramping and was told to discontinue all exercise and not spend too much time on my feet. You’re asking a toddler mom to do this?! Impossible. In the end, I did give up all the running and when the nausea started to settle in right around that time, I never picked it back up. I’ve beaten myself up about it so many times this year. I beat myself up about not exercising enough while pregnant, not cooking as much as I’d like to, and not folding the laundry right when it comes out of the dryer. These and many others are such silly little annoyances in the grand scheme of things. So I decided to move on and celebrate instead.

I’m celebrating a healthy toddler. One who doesn’t know his ABCs yet and isn’t potty trained. But he smiles more than any other child I know and he’s as healthy and happy as he can be. I’m celebrating my husband, who always knows when to extend a helping hand, every single day, at the times I need it the most. And I’m celebrating me. I may not be able to exercise as much as I like, may look like a whale, and may not have the energy to make it through a 2 hour movie. But I do have the energy to kick butt at work and come home to be a smiley and patient mom and wife (ok fine, most days, certain days I’m just HANGRY).

We’re physically moving on as well. Not an easy decision, since we have the best neighbors you’ll ever find and we know we’ll never meet amazing people like them again. But with an upcoming family of four (::squeal::), we just need more space. They just poured the concrete for our new house this week and we talk about how fantastic it will be to finally have a fabulous, brand-new home every single day. It makes me beam with pride because Anil and I both worked so very hard to make this happen.

Most end-of-year posts talk about how to get and stay motivated for the new year. I’m all about a fresh start, but this time around, I’m more about celebrating than anything else. Sometimes you’ve got plenty of motivation and accomplishments…but what’s missing is actually enjoying it all. 2015 will be full of amazing milestones and challenges for us. And by amazing, I mean moving in the middle of potty training a toddler, with a newborn in tow, while having to go back to work. Yep, we like our challenges. It’s what makes life fun and exciting. So before you beat yourself up too much about setting new year’s resolutions you can’t keep, think about the ones that you CAN and already have made happen. And then move on. It’s what I’ll be doing next year.