It’s fall! That means loads of slow-cooker meals, comfort foods, and warm drinks in our house. Anil and I love mulled wine or apple cider and this weekend, he came up with the genius idea of running the wine through our espresso machine. We’re not huge coffee drinkers, but we are latte snobs. Hence the espresso machine, but lack of coffee machine in our house. If you have a coffee machine instead, you can still pull this off! If you’re not a wine drinker, you can try this with apple cider as well. Here’s what you do:

mulled wine in espresso machine

Mulled Wine in the Espresso Machine

1. Clean out your espresso or coffee machine by running water through it a few times. Be sure to discard the water.

2. Load up the part of your machine where you normally put the ground coffee beans with mulling spices. Be sure to pack them in really tight. We absolutely love the Mulling Spice mix from Trader Joe’s, but if you don’t have ready-to-go mulling spices, you can make your own by mixing together cinnamon, orange peel, allspice, and cloves.

3. This is optional, but if you want some extra sweetness, add 1/4 cup of sugar to a quart of red wine, or add some agave syrup to your cup (this is what we did). Run the wine through the espresso machine and serve warm with a cinnamon stick. Enjoy the warmth!

Tip: Don’t forget to clean out your espresso machine or coffee maker afterwards by running some water with a splash of vinegar through it. Otherwise, you’ll be enjoying some boozy coffee!

Trader Joe's Mulling Spice