This is another recipe that I thought was worth sharing. I tried making this just this morning and not only did it make the house smell amazing, it was really easy to prepare and turns out to be a wonderful dish for entertaining. You can find the recipe for the dish here, but read through some tips on how I made this a bit different:

  • I found that you actually need much more bread than the recipe calls for. No matter what kind of bread you choose, use twice the amount, so six slices instead or the recipe will turn out too mushy.
  • If you want the recipe to be more like a bread pudding, use the amount of milk recommended, otherwise, if you want this to be a little less mushy, use 2.5 cups of milk instead of 3. I used 1% milk instead of whole milk and this worked just fine.
  • I changed this into an organic recipe since I normally buy all the ingredients organic. This obviously won’t affect the taste much, if at all, and you certainly don’t have to buy organic,but I find that blueberries, butter, and milk are good candidates to buy organic because of the amount of pesticides and hormones normally found in them. Besides, you won’t just improve your health, you’ll be helping out organic farmers and the earth as well!

With Father’s day coming up, this isn’t a bad recipe to surprise dad with. Goes great with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I bet you the kids will love it, too.