With a newborn in tow and no one else around during the day, getting meals on the table has been close to impossible! Enter the slow cooker. Our Crockpot has been a real life saver over the last few weeks. I modified this shredded buffalo chicken recipe. It’s so easy and makes the best tacos, so you can look like a pro cook, even if you don’t have any time to slave away at the stove!

Here’s what you do (to feed 2-3 people): Take about 3 thawed boneless and skinless chicken breasts and place them in your slow cooker. Pour over about half a 12 oz bottle of your favorite buffalo sauce. We like Frank’s wing sauce a lot! Mix in about half a packet of your favorite ranch dip mix. The trick here is to find one without MSG, if you care enough to leave that out of your food. Be sure to coat both sides of each chicken breast with the mix and sauce. Once this is done, close the crockpot, cook on low for at least 5 hours and then take the chicken out. Shred each breast on a cutting board, toss with two tablespoons of butter (this is where it gets naughty!) and put back into the crockpot. Cook on low for about 10 more minutes and serve with your favorite taco toppings. We like celery and blue cheese, but let your imagination go wild here. Not the most culinary recipe, but delicious, easy, and very fussy newborn friendly!