You know that girl who is constantly on her iPhone at the grocery store? Yeah, that’s me. Sometimes it’s email, sometimes I’m texting or tweeting, but most of the time I’m on there for one thing: coupons. I clip e-coupons while doing groceries, hardly ever buy anything online without a trip to RetailMeNot, and buy clothes at Target. All the time. I’m a pretty frugal shopper and proud of it. Recently, though, I thought about stepping up my game and getting back into stylish clothes and accessories again. I lived in Target nursing tank tops during my entire maternity leave. I have four of them and wore them every single day during mat leave, and every single night while nursing. They’re super comfy and stretch nicely, so they’re perfect for what they’re designed for. But they’re not stylish.

Tory Burch Caroline Ballerina Flats

So after spending the last year and a half in unflattering maternity clothes, closing the breastaurant, and finally getting back into my original size clothes and shoes, I decided to splurge on something I really wanted. I like many designers out there, but in order for me to really connect with one, I have to connect with their brand as well. Enter Tory Burch. I’ve admired her for a while, but even more so when I read her story on the Lean In blog. She’s a female entrepreneur and a darn good one. I like the way she thinks, her hard work, and of course, her sense of style. My personal style is pretty modest. I like to look polished and professional, but often feel like I look too casual. Neutral colors work well for me in the workplace, but I will do some bolder colors, geometric prints, and larger earrings from time to time. Celebrating my mellow style this time around, I decided to splurge on Tory Burch Caroline ballerina flats in nude. Staying true to my inner geek, I downloaded the Tory Burch iPhone app (highly recommended!) and ordered the flats through there. Free shipping when you order through the app – hurray!

Just a few days later I was trying out the flats around the house, in between feeding Dilan bites of sweet potato. We don’t wear shoes inside our house, but these were brand new, so I put them on. When you first step into these shoes, it’s like entering a luxury car. The Tory Burch Caroline ballerina flats are amazingly soft and I felt no pinching or pulling anywhere! Incredible. They are true to size, fit exactly right, and go with pretty much any outfit. I own a few pair of flats, but this is by the far the most comfortable one. First win in the quest to get back into fashion. More to come!