I’m Varsha. I started this blog many years ago before I was married and had kids. It was mostly focused on recipes, and then quickly moved into posts about motherhood when our first boy was born. I loved blogging, but had my hands full with colicky babies, two boys in diapers, food allergies, difficulty breastfeeding, supporting an entrepreneur, my own technical career, work travel, and basically, keeping my head above water.

I chickened out and stopped blogging. When things get challenging, it’s very easy to think that you don’t belong because you’re not an expert and aren’t perfectly balancing it all. But in today’s hustle culture, I think it’s just as important to know when you need to quit something as it is when you need to keep going.

Fast forward a good five years and I’m back! My spouse’s entrepreneurial hustle provided us both with more time on our hands, so I’m back to create a little corner on the Internet to chat about wellness, careers, motherhood, the perfect enchilada recipe, my favorite face products, and more. Why? Because if I allow just one person to shine and sparkle a little brighter, whether that’s through a word of encouragement, or a wellness tea recommendation, it’s worth it to me, even if I’m not an expert (unless you count finding lost LEGO parts and cleaning kitchen countertops, I rock at both these days). I’m a big believer in giving the world good energy and that is my ultimate mission.

My past was filled with analytics and babies, and my wish for the future is to stay connected to STEM, make a positive difference, be a backup dancer, and become a wellness coach. Maybe all at once. So there you have it, just like me, you don’t have to perfectly belong anywhere to come along for the ride…and I sure hope you do!

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